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Install From SAMSUNG Tv Store

For Tizen TVs (K/M/N/Q/R/T - 2016~2021 years of production) :

  • Install the app SmartOne IPTV from Samsung Store (APPS).

Access SmartOne IPTV APP from APPS HOME

Once SmartOne IPTV application has been installed, go to APPS HOME, then scroll and find SmartOne IPTV then lunch the App.

Contact us to activate the App

Chat with us to let you get all the TV Channels - Series - Movies

How to Contact us?

Chat with us Here -  OR  WhatsAPP 

How to get the Arabic TV on your SAMSUNG TV.

Can't find the App on your SAMSUNG TV Store ?

Install SmartOne IPTV from usb

For Tizen TVs (J - 2015 years of production) :

  • Download the archive :

  • Unzip the content to the root folder of USB stick.

  • Insert your USB stick into one of the USB ports on your TV.

  • Wait until the tv shows a successful install of SmartOne IPTV app.

You have to extract or unzip the contents of the Tizen Widget file to the root of the USB drive (FAT32 format) and insert it in the USB slot of your TV. First, confirm that the user widget directory is situated in your USB drive’s root. You can view the application on My Apps screen with the other apps. You might take out the USB flash drive from your TV (except for J series)

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